Introducing The Sof 'T' Lift™

A revolutionary natural face-lift procedure invented by Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian.

Traditional face-lift procedures have been regarded as expensive, high risk, and unnatural looking "the wind tunnel look." They are lengthy procedures lasting up to 6-7 hours, and are usually reserved for the those who have aged dramatically.

The downtime experienced with the conventional lift can be quite substantial leaving the patient with the potential for vascular compromise or nerve damage. In addition, the surgery requires heavy bandaging, and can leave the patient with evident bruising or undesirable scarring.

Finally, the old lift addresses the superficial (epidermal/dermal) skin layers, while disregarding the deeper muscular facial levels. In the aging process, these deep levels have shifted downward, pulling the surface levels down with it. By only lifting the surface, the deeper structure is left sagging, and will consequently pull the epidermal/dermal layers downward again. For this reason, the results of a traditional face-lift are temporary.